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Unity College

Unity College is a private, liberal arts college in Unity, Waldo County, Maine. It is located 35 miles southwest of Bangor, Maine and 25 miles from the Maine coast. Founded in 1965, Unity College is a fully accredited, leading-edge college in the state of Maine with a focus on sustainability science. Students at Unity College receive individual attention and are always learning by doing. All areas of study blend academic rigor, field experience and service learning. Unity College sits on 225 acres of fields and woodlands overlooking Unity Pond in the village of Unity, Maine, home to 1,800 friendly people.

Unity College can provide the opportunity for international students to work and earn up to a maximum of $750 each semester. The pay rate is $7.50 per hour, which means that the student would need to work an average of 7 hours per week to earn the maximum allotment. All students are strongly encouraged to take part in one or more internships during their course of study. Unity’s Career Center will help students one-on-one to find an appropriate internship domestically or abroad. On average, 25% of Unity students participate in the internship program.

Tuition: $23,000 (students might get up to 50% off. This is subject to the students result).

Room & Board: $8,714


  • Art and Environment
  • Environmental Writing and Media Studies


  • Adventure-Based Environmental Education
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Biology
  • Captive Wildlife Care and Education
  • Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Environmental Policy, Law, and Society
  • Marine Biology
  • Parks and Forest Resources
  • Secondary Education
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Energy Management
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Management
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