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Study In India

India can boast to have some of the best institutes in the world. They also have the best teachers (recent surveys show US wants 700,000 teachers from India). It is the fast integrating world economy and corresponding rise of students mobility that have made studying in India an attractive option. India is fast becoming a major economic power in the world today. If its growth trend continues for some more years, it would soon be playing a major role in the world economy along with China. This itself has been a major cause of attraction for many international students. There are many advantages of studying in India. A study in India translates into a superior quality education. Indian educational qualifications are recognized all over the globe.

Advantages and Benefits of Studying in India;

  • India can boast of having the best Institutions in the world. They have the best teachers that are requested for in high demand all over the world. No wonder they attract International Students from all over the world.
  • Foreign students enjoy their Education in India because the country is relatively cheap, compared to other parts of the world. All Universities in india are open and available for Intentional Students.
  • Universities in India have a very high ranking and is able to compete with the very best all over the world.
  • Almost all courses are available to study in India. You can hardly find a course that is not available in India. They are very serious when it comes to Education.

Indian Embassy Visa Requirements;

  • O-Level result Legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Secondary School testimonial Legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Photocopy of passport (Data page)
  • Birth Certificate Legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Yellow fever Certificate.
  • General Medical test results.
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months. The Account Statement should be certified by the bank and must indicate the name of the applicant, full address and telephone/fax numbers. Incase of someone else bank statement, please enclose affidavit of the person sponsoring the expenses along with the copy of the photo identity card bearing the signature of sponsor.
  • Return Ticket.
  • A separate letter which gives your present occupation and detailed purpose of your intended visit to India.
  • Visa fee and legalization is about 20,000 naira.
  • Please note that additional supporting documents/evidences may be required of you at the time of interview or later. Please be ready to provide them.

Available Universities in India

We have about 4 super standard Universities in India;

  2. MODI GROUP (Stratford University, U.S.A)

Sharda University India

Sharda University has been awarded the best State Private University for three consecutive years. Sharda University is the member of Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI), largest educational group of north India, which has campus in Agra Mathura & Greater Noida, totaling 167 acres of land and 3.5 millions square feet of infrastructure, with 25,000+ students currently enrolled in SGI. Sharda University offer more than 100 programs at bachelor, master doctoral levels.

Graduate Courses:

  • B.Tech (Computer Science)
  • B.Tech (IT)
  • B.Tech (E&C)
  • B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics)
  • B.Tech (Mechanical)
  • B.Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)
  • B.Tech (Civil)
  • B. Tech (BioTech)
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Business Studies
  • Dental Science
  • Medicine
  • Design
  • Computer Applications
  • Mass Communication
  • Law
  • Basic Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Operations Theater Technology
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Phd Courses:

  • Ph. D. Chemistry
  • Ph. D. (Electrical)
  • Ph. D. Civil Engineering
  • Ph. D. Environmental Engineering
  • Ph. D. Biotechnology
  • Ph. D. Computer Engineering
  • Ph. D. Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph. D. Fuel And Energy Technology
  • Ph. D. Energy Science
  • MBA – Retail Management
  • Ph. D. in Management Sciences
  • Mass Communication

Post Graduate Courses:

  • MBA – Health Care & Hospital Administration
  • MBA – Infrastructure Management
  • MBA – Banking & Finance
  • MBA – Technology Management
  • MBA – International Business
  • M.Tech (BioTech & Bio-Informatics)
  • M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Energy and Environmental Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Power System Engineering/Electrical Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Microwave Technology)
  • M.Tech (Computer Networking)
  • M.Tech (V.L.S.I. Technology)
  • M.Tech (Nanoscience and Technology)
  • M. Sc. Biotechnology
  • M. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition
  • Dental
  • Design
  • Computer Applications
  • Mass Communication
  • Clinical Research
  • Physiotherapy


Step 1;

  • Send us a scanned copy of your school leaving Certificate.
  • Send us a scanned copy of you International Passport.
  • Pay Application fee.

Step 2;

  • You will receive an acceptance Letter after which you will be asked to pay a sum of $500 directly into the school account. This fee is the Admission fee, first year Registration fee , First year Examination fee, Medical check up and medical insurance fee and Airport Pick up fee.
  • You will then receive a Provisional Admission Letter.
  • Student then goes to the embassy.

MODI GROUP (Get a degree from Stratford University U.S.A)

Modi Academic International Institute (MAII) is an educational initiative of the Modi Group that catapults Management students to global platforms by offering American Degrees in India and tailor made programs unraveling unique breadth of management &leadership expertise. It will not even be stated that you studied in India. You will get the same degee just like someone that studied in the United States of America in just 3 years.

The American Degree is from Stratford University, Virginia, USA. Stratford University is a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for challenging and rewarding careers in high demand fields. Stratford University is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS] to award Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s degrees. The Courses offered are also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) USA.

  • 3 Campuses in U.S.A.
  • Ranked amongst the top 100 universities by ‘Diverse Issues in Higher Education’.
  • Ranked No. 1 University in U.S.A offering maximum OPT to its student by famous ‘Computer world.

Wouldn’t you rather get this kind of degree in just 3 years?

Why MAII, New Delhi, India:

  • Study American Accredited Degree Programs in India at l/5th cost.
  • Begin in India (New Delhi) and finish the program in U.S.A or abroad. Can take credit transfers to universities and colleges in UK, Australia, and Canada etc. other than U.S.A.
  • Experience living in the new ‘Corporate Hub’ and the metropolitan capital ‘New Delhi’. Two learning sites in India to choose from.
  • MAII has over 800 students at its learning sites in New Delhi. Students get exposure to both Indian and international cultures as there are students from over 10 countries like Nepal, Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Congo, Ivory Coast, Middle East etc.
  • New Delhi is one of the safest cities in India. Security has never been an issue for international students, the officials are always there to help and make their stay extremely pleasant.
  • Accommodation in metropolis New Delhi comes handy and is completely secured Gated apartments, includes both independent rooms and shared accommodation within as near as 3 km radius of the campus.
  • MAII is amongst the first institutes outside the USA to be accredited by ACICS plus recognized by CHEA.


Under Graduate Programs (3 years)- $4,569 per year.

  • BS Business Administration (BBA)
  • BA Hospitality Management
  • BS Information Systems

Graduate Programs (2 Years)- $5,445 per year.

  • MBA
  • MBA for Executives
  • MS Entrepreneurial Management
  • MS Information Systems
  • MS Information Assurance

Admission and Application procedures:

ONE MAJOR ADVANTAGE OF STUDYING AT THE MAII is because students can resume monthly (Except for July and September).

Send educational Documents and get an offer letter in a maximum time of 5 days afterwards if eligible.

Student pays $1,533 (This serves as registration fee) then receives the final admission letter.

Student goes to the Embassy for the visa Interview.

Student pays the main school fee when he/she gets into School. The school fees can be paid instalmentally.

Accommodation is about $200 per month.

SRM University India

Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn. One would experience top of the world living and learning experience at SRM. SRM University is one of the top ranking universities in India with 33,044 students and 2358 faculty across all the campus, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Health sciences, and Science and Humanities. SRM is committed to creation of knowledge through research across all academic disciplines. Focus areas include Nanotechnology, Bio engineering, Info, Energy, Environment, Materials and Embedded systems. Joint research project on rural healthcare, in collaboration with Queen’s University, Canada.

B.Tech degree programs in Mechanical, Civil, ECE, EEE and IT offered at the University is accredited by ABET, USA. What it means that the degree is globally recognized.

Courses, Duration and Fee:

Bachelors DegreeDurationAnnual Tuition in USDRegistration fee in USD
(Payable only during first year)
 Aerospace Engineering 4 years 10,000 300 
 Automobile Engineering 4 years 10,000 300 
 Computer Science & Engineering 4 years 10,000 300 
 Electronics & Communication Engineering 4 years 10,000 300 
 Mechanical Engineering 4 years 10,000 300 
 Bioinformatics 4 years 8,000 300 
 Biomedical Engineering 4 years 8,000 300 
 Biotechnology 4 years 8,000 300 
 Chemical Engineering 4 years 8,000 300 
 Civil Engineering 4 years10,000  300 
 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4 years10,000  300
 Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 4 years8,000  300 
 Genetics Engineering 4 years8,000  300 
 Information & Telecommunication Engineering 4 years8,000  300 
 Information Technology 4 years10,000  300 
 Instrumentation & Control Engineering 4 years8,000   300
 Mechatronics 4 years8,000  300 
 Nanotechnology 4 years8,000   300
 Software Engineering 4 years8,000   300
 B.Arch 5 years10,000   300
 B.Des (Interior Design) 4 years 5,000 300
Masters Degree:DurationAnnual Tuition in USDRegistration fee in USD
(Payable only during first year)
Bioinformatics2 years 5,000 300 
 Biomedical Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Biotechnology2 years 5,000 300 
 Cloud Computing2 years 5,000 300 
 Chemical Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Communication Systems2 years 5,000 300 
 Computer Aided Design2 years 5,000 300 
 Computer Integrated Manufacturing2 years 5,000 300 
 Computer Science & Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Construction Engg. and Management2 years 5,000 300 
 Database Systems2 years 5,000 300 
 Electronics & Control Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Embedded Systems Technology2 years 5,000 300 
 Environmental Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Food and Nutritional Biotechnology2 years 5,000 300 
 Food Safety & Quality Management2 years 5,000 300 
 Genetic Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Geo Technical Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Information Security and Computer Forensics2 years 5,000 300 
 Information Technology2 years 5,000 300 
 Knowledge Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Multimedia Technology2 years 5,000 300 
 Nanotechnology2 years 5,000 300 
 Power Electronics and Drives2 years 5,000 300 
 Power System2 years 5,000 300 
 Remote Sensing and GIS2 years 5,000 300 
 Robotics2 years 5,000  300
 Software Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Solar Energy2 years 5,000 300 
 Structural Engineering2 years 5,000 300 
 Telecommunication and Networks 2 years5,000 300 
 VLSI Design2 years 5,000  300
 Water Resources and Management2 years 5,000  300
M.Arch.M.Arch (Architectural Design)2 years  4,000300 
 Ph.D.Ph.D. in all discipline 3 years 3,000 300
Bachelor DegreeDurationAnnual Tuition fee in USDRegistration Fee in USD. (Payable only during first year) Non-Refundable.
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)3 years4,000300
Bachelor DegreeDurationTuition Fee in USDRegistration Fee in USD.(Payable only during first year) Non-refundable.
MBA (Masters of Business Administration)2 years8,000300
PhD in all Discipline: 3 years3,000300
Bachelor DegreeDurationAnnual Tuition Fees In USDRegistration Fees in USD,
(payable) only during first year)
 M.B.B.S 4 1/2 years + 1 year 100,000 for first year and 30,000 per year for the remaining 4 years 300
 B.D.S 5 years 20,000 300 
 B. Pharm. 4 years 3,000 300 
 BPT 4 years + 6 months internship 3,000 300 
 B.Sc Nursing 4 years 3,000  300 
 BOT 4 years + 6 months internship 3,000 300 
 BASLP 4 years 3,000 300 
 B.Sc MLT 3 years + 1 year internship 3,000 300 
 B.M.R.S 2 years 3,000 300 
 B. Optom 3 years3,000  300 
 P.B.B Sc. Nursing 2 years3,000   300
 B. Sc. Radiology and imaging Technology 3 years 3,000 300 
 B. Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology 3 years3,000  300 
Masters DegreeDurationAnnual Tuition Fees in USDRegistration Fees in USD
(Payable only during first year)
Non- refundable
 MPH (Master of Public Health)
Health Management
 2 years 5,000 300
 IT in Health Care 2 years 5,000 300
 Occupational and Industrial Health 2 years 5,000 300
 Health systems and Clinical Research 2 years 5,000 300
 M.P.T (Master of Physiotherepy)
Biomechanics, Cardiopulmonary Sciences, Community Rehabilitation, Hand Rehabilitation, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Paediatric, Sports Physiotherapy
 2 years 4,000 300
M.O.T (Master of Occupational Therapy) Cardio Respiratory, Community Rehabilitation, Hand Conditions, Neurology, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Psychiatry 2 years 4,000 300
 M. Sc (Master of Science in Nursing) Community Health,Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medical Surgical Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing 2 years 4,000 300
 Master of Science in Biostatistics & Epidemiology 2 years 4,000 300
 Master of Science in Human Anatomy 3 years 4,000 300
 Master of Science in Medical Biochemistry 3 years 4,000 300
 Master of Science in Human Physiology 3 years 4,000 300
 Master of Science in Medical Microbiology 3 years 4,000 300
 M. Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) Pharmaceutics 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmacology 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmacognosy 2 years 8,000 300
 Pharmacy Practice 2 years 8,000 300
 M.B.A Pharma. 3 years 10,000 300
 MBA – MPH Dual Degree 3 years 10,000 300
Pharm D 5 years + 1 year internship 5 years + 1 year internship 5,000 300
 Ph.D. in all discipline 3 years 3,000 300
Bachelor Degree B.Sc.DurationAnnual Tution Fees in USDRegistration fee in USD
(payable only during first year)
Mathematics 3 years 4,000 300
Physics 3 years 4,000  300
Chemistry 3 years 4,000  300
Biotechnology 3 years 4,000  300
Computer Science 3 years 4,000  300
Hotel And Catering Management 3 years 4,000  300
Information Technology 3 years 4,000  300
Visual Communication 3 years 4,000  300
BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) 3 years 4,000  300
BA (Bachelor of Arts)Journalism and Mass Communication 3 years 4,000  300
B. Com. (Bachelor of Commerce)Accounting and Finance 3 years 4,000  300
 Corporate Secretaryship 3 years 4,000  300
 General 3 years 4,000  300
 Information and System Management 3 years 4,000  300
 B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) 1 year 4,000  300
 Diploma:  6 months 800  300
 English Language 1 year 1,500  300
Masters Degree M.Sc. Duration: Annual Tuition Fee in USDRegistration fees in USD
(payable only during first Year)
Non- Refundable.
Mathematics 2 years4,000 300
Physics  2 years 4,000 300
Chemistry  2 years 4,000 300
Biotechnology  2 years 4,000 300
Hotel and Catering Management  2 years 4,000 300
Information Technology  2 years 4,000 300
Visual Communication  2 years 4,000 300
M.A (Master of Arts)International Relations  2 years 4,000 300
Journalism and Mass Communication  2 years 4,000 300
political Science  2 years 4,000 300
Public Administration  2 years 4,000 300
M Ed. (Master of Education)  1 years 4,000 300
MCA (Master of Computer Application)  3 years 6,000 300
PhD in All Discipline  3 years 3,000 300

Application and Admission Procedures;

Send us a Scanned copy of International Passport and Educational Documents.
Pay Application fee

Students receive the Offer letter in about 1 week after applying, after which the school fee has to be paid into the school account.
Final Admission Letter is received in a maximum time of 2 weeks after payment of school fee.

Application Deadline;
For Undergraduate program: 15th of June
For Masters Program 31st of July.

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