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Study In Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country of 41,284 square kilometres situated in the heart of Europe between France, Germany and Austria. Switzerland is an excellent location

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Study In Spain

Spain is one of the cheapest countries to live and study among the European Union countries. Studying in Spain is a great opportunity to get

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Study In Russia

The Russian Federation is situated in the eastern part of the Europe and the northern part of Asia. The capital city of the Russian Federation

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Study In Romania

Romania is home to over 21 million people and the capital city, Bucharest holds nearly 2 million of them. Romanian is the official language, but

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Study In Poland

Poland is located in the very centre of Europe. With the total area of 312,679 km² (120,728 sqmi) it’s the seventh biggest country on the

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Study In North Cyprus

North Cyprus draws attention with its universities as it does with tourism. This lovely island offers an opportunity to study, with the added bonus of

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Study In Ireland

Ireland remains one of the best places in the world to study. Despite being an island nation, Ireland is jam-packed with things that make it

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